7 Cs of Effective Communication

Why do we communicate anyway? I have met people who seem to talk just to hear themselves. I suppose you know some of those people too. For most of us, we talk to accomplish something. We have a goal or objective. We also want our communication to be effective. Effective communication leads an interaction towards our preferred goal or objective.

Seven Cs of Effective Communication

I keep my eyes open for blogs and articles with helpful communication tips. Some time ago, I read this blog post from GetResponse, an email marketing.  Check them out.
The title of the blog article was “7 Cs of Effective Communication: Create Meaningful Content.” That was an attention getter for me. Marketers are not the only ones looking to create meaningful content. All effective communicators should strive to make the content of their communication meaningful. Such content is engaging and persuasive. It leads our conversations towards our desired goals and objectives.

The 7 Cs

Here is a brief synopsis of the seven Cs according to the article.

  • Completeness-Convey all the relevant information to make it easy for your readers to understand your point of view.
  • Conciseness-Come to the point quickly and avoid unnecessary words and repetition.
  • Consideration-Consider your information from the point of view of your readers.
  • Clarity-Convey your message clearly, because a confused mind doesn’t take action.  Try to express, not impress.
  • Concreteness-Credibility is increased when we use concrete facts and figures.
  • Courtesy-Carefully communicate your message without being rude or pretentious.
  • Correctness-Correct writing (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.) shows competence and is more persuasive.

Seven Cs and Smart Talk

Smart Talk Model of Communication
Smart Talk Model

These seven Cs provide an excellent guide for our communication, whether we are writing copy for marketing or speaking to persuade.  The Intelligent Communication approach incorporates these guidelines into the Smart Talk model.

The 7 Cs Again

Let’s take another look at the 7 Cs from an Intelligent Communication perspective.

  • Completeness-The Smart Talk model helps you be deliberate in your communication. The entire model is a guide for completeness.
  • Conciseness-Listening is key to conciseness. If we listen carefully, we learn what we need to share and what is unnecessary. That allows us to be concise and effective.
  • Consideration-Empathy is important to understanding others. When we work through the feeling step in Smart Talk, we take the time to consider the other person’s point of view.
  • Clarity-Clarity comes from taking some time to prepare. Even in the midst of a conversation, we must take the time to listen, think, feel, and plan. These simple processes help us be clear when we respond.
  • Concreteness-What information would be most persuasive? Listening to others will reveal indicators of personality preferences.  These will guide us in selecting how we should apply concreteness.
  • Courtesy-Empathizing during the feeling step of Smart Talk reminds us of this important tip.  William Ury, founder of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School once said, “Respect is the cheapest concession you’ll ever make.”
  • Correctness-Part of Intelligent Communication is learning narrative analysis skills and grammatical structures. This gives us a reminder to use proper grammar.

Take some time to think about these 7 Cs.  Then, apply them to your interactions. Use them when you write, as well as when you speak. See if you become more effective and achieve more of your goals.
Now I’m back to looking for more articles to share. Be swift to hear and slow to speak.

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  1. Most useful. Since I am back at Ft Huachuca in an Instructor Role, I find these posts relevant to the material I’m working with. Great Stuff to pass on to others as supplemental material for their craft.

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