let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger

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Intelligent Communication

IcebergEveryone communicates, but not all communicate intelligently. Intelligent Communication is a simple yet comprehensive approach to interpersonal communication that helps people be quick to hear and slow to speak.  This leads to becoming better communicators: achieving better rapport, influencing more persuasively, identifying deception more accurately understanding others and making yourself understood more clearly, teaching more effectively, and negotiating more successfully.

Intelligent Communication begins by helping us understand both ourselves and others.   In some ways people are like icebergs: what we see is only a small portion of all that exists.  There is so much more below the water line.  Similarly, there is much more below the surface of both ourselves and others that we cannot readily see when we communicate.  We need to uncover what lies beneath by carefully considering what we perceive above the surface.
Intelligent Communication ModelIntelligent Communication 3.0, the latest version of my model, seeks to help communicators do just that.  Understand both what lies beneath us and those with whom we communicate.  Intelligent Communication looks at all people by considering their body/behavior (what we can see) and their inner person (what we cannot see).  Using a simplified structure based on some ancient philosophy, we label the inner person the heart.  The heart is made up of our perception, our mind (thinking), our gut (feeling), and our will (choosing).  Like the water line to an iceberg, there is a line that separates our body and our heart.  That is life and at the far end are out goals, which impact both our behavior and the inner workings of our heart.
This approach is designed to create better listening, understanding, and talking. Becoming a better communicator requires understanding yourself and others. Further, it requires becoming a better listener (Perception). Becoming a better listener leads to better understanding (Mind+Gut). Improved listening and understanding results in better choices (Will), which, in turn, leads to better communication. Good communicators get things done. They achieve their goals.

Become a better communicator

All Intelligent Communication training and services are designed to use this model to help us understand others, enabling us to communicate, connect, and compel.  Contact me if you would like to know more about Intelligent Communication.

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Quick to Hear

Quick to Hear (QTH) is my communication, coaching, and counseling ministry, applying effective godly communication to the Christian life.  Quick to Hear is a biblical approach to communication and relationships that glorifies God and edifies our neighbor.  For more about Quick to Hear, check out my Quick to Hear blog.


Welcome to my Blog.  Check out articles about communication, relationships, and the Intelligent Communication approach, as well as news and updates about what is happening with Intelligent Communication.


I offer all sorts of training, all based on the Intelligent Communication model. Training includes basic communication skills, rapport building, personality profiling, elicitation, questioning, deception detection, narrative analysis, influence and persuasion, mediation, and negotiation. In addition, I offer personality assessments done online and over teleconference. Stay tuned as I begin added online training and assessments to this site.

Active Listening

Good communication begins with good listening. Intelligent Communication teaches not only active listening, but also actual listening that enables to apply effective active listening techniques. Intelligetn Communicators learn that listening to response is not effective. Instead, they learn to listen to understand. Contact me for more information.

Personality Profiling

Good communication requires we develop an understanding of those with whom we are communicating. Developing and refining hypotheses in regards to their personalities can help us tailor our communication to make it more effective. Intelligent Communication can help use develop those hypotheses. Contact me to find out more.

Team Building

Leading and training teams are applications of good communication. Good leaders and trainers are good communicators. Intelligent communication helps leaders understand how to make their teams better by developing both individual and group understanding. Contact me for more information.


Teaching Insider Threat Hunting: Track, Elicit, Interview and Mitigate @ Black Hat 2019

After serving two decades in the Army as an intelligence and counterintelligence officer, I worked for many years developing communication and relationship skills training for various federal agencies and private clients.  I have provided training to many different organizations, including the Defense Intelligence Agency, all military services, the FBI, Homeland Security, and a number of local and foreign intelligence and law enforcement agencies.  I have also provided training and services for corporate clients and at.conferences like Black Hat 2017 and 2019.

My educational background includes a Master of Science in Forensic Psychology, a post-graduate diploma in Strategic Intelligence, and a Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Ministries.

Intelligent Communicators

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