Live Remote Training

Interactive live webinars for your whole team. Contact me to discuss your needs and I will design a live remote training program just for you.

Online Training

Online training programs in Intelligent Communication and a variety of applications based on the same materials taught in live seminars.

Online Assessments

Interactive assessments delivered online to help you integrate your communication with psychology and personality.

Be in Demand

93% of employers believe "a demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems is important," yet few people complete focused communications training.

Build Relevant Skills

Employers are looking for people with good communication skills to hire and promote.

One Approach, Many Applications

The Intelligent Communication approach is simple, yet comprehensive. Develop your skills in active listening, critical thinking, influence, understanding, and more.

Learn From a Communication Professional

Over 20 years associated with the intelligence community and post-graduation education in strategic intelligence and forensic psychology.

A Thought for Veterans Day

As a grateful nation continues to show its gratitude, particularly today, let me be a grateful soldier, who received so much.
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A New View on Personality Types

Understanding what moves others to certain behaviors can help us select the best communication tactics to encourage others to move in the direction we would like them to go. This can be particularly helpful when we are trying to influence or persuade others.
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7 Cs of Effective Communication

Effective communication leads an interaction towards our preferred goal or objective.
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