Using Intelligent Communication to Mitigate Insider Threat

Even prior to Sun Tzu penned his “Art of War,” nations and their armies have been using counterintelligence methods to defend themselves from both outside and inside threats.  The technology has changed greatly through the years, but the people who operate that technology haven’t changed that much.  Insider threats include a human component.  In a recent survey of companies with data protection and privacy training programs, 55 percent of the respondents reported that they had experienced a security incident due to a malicious or negligent employee.

Insider Threat Mitigation and Countermeasures

Intelligent Communication has partnered with the Institute for Analytic Interviewing to develop “Insider Threat Mitigation and Countermeasures,” a training program scheduled to be presented at this year’s Black Hat USA Conference in Las Vegas, July 22-27.
This training program draws from proven principals derived from counterintelligence and community policing to deal with malicious and negligent employees.  Our training program demystifies counterintelligence processes, breaking techniques down into fundamental skill-sets:  building relationships and facilitating the flow of vital security information through effective communication and interviewing skills.  These techniques will enable your security personnel establish and exploit information networks to detect and mitigate potential and actual insider threats.


Bringing together the hottest topics in investigative interviewing and operational communication and applying them to the growing concern of insider threat.  Drawn from hundreds of years of combined experience of our instructors in law enforcement, counterintelligence, and security, this course will help students proactively manage the human aspects of insider threat.  Techniques that will enable your security personnel establish and exploit information networks to detect and mitigate potential and actual insider threats.  Build rapport and gain trust within the organization to enhance the flow of insider threat information and indicators.  Ask the right questions at the right time to gain the information you need to protect sensitive information and systems.  Learn proven memory retrieval techniques to maximize your information collection.  Add elicitation skills to your information collection capabilities.  Read people quickly and accurately, so that you may adapt your communication approach to be most effective.  Learn the behavioral and emotional clues that give away a liar including training on micro facial expression of emotion.

Key topics covered in this course:

  • Creating Human Information Networks:  How to establish information networks within your organization and using advanced interview skills within these networks to get ahead of potential insider threats.
  • PEACE Model of Interviewing: Managing the conversational interview.
  • Reading People: Detecting deceit from behavior and demeanor.
  • Rapport: How to build it and use it to your advantage.
  • Micro expressions: Universal fleeting expressions of emotion and deception detection.
  • Interview Sequence: 5 steps to the Cognitive Interview.
  • Memory Enhancement: Going beyond the superficial details.
  • Elicitation/Counter-Elicitation:  How to collect sensitive information from an unwitting person and defend yourself and your colleagues from such collection.
  • Detecting Deception: Combing the PEACE Model of Interviewing, the Cognitive Interview, Non-Verbals (Body Language), Narrative Analysis, and Micro expressions.
  • Case Studies and Focus Groups: That solidify and apply your new skills with real life case studies.

Insider Threat Mitigation is a dynamic multi-dimensional approach to the problem of insider threats. The central concept of the approach is to enhance the flow of information to security professionals monitoring insider threats.  This relies on the use of questioning and elicitation to get the truth from suspects, witnesses and any other subjects of interest. The techniques taught in this course combine the knowledge gleaned over 40 years of scientific research and validation through real-life application by professionals such as attorneys, law enforcement, regulatory inspectors, intelligence agents and investigators.

Who should take this course?

Anyone concerned over protecting company’s or organization’s sensitive information from insider threats.

What should you bring?

Just the willingness to learn how to find the TRUTH in any interview, meeting or discussion. Students may bring a laptop; if they want to take notes receive any of the extra training material that may be provided during the course.

What you will receive

Cognitive Interviewing course materials and Insider Threat Mitigation Student Manual.

More information?

If you would like more information about Black Hat USA, you can find it here.
If you would like more information about Intelligent Communication insider threat training, contact me using the form below.
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