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The Majors Personality Type Inventory™ (PTI™) is an instrument designed to help your clients learn valuable information about how they direct their energy, take in information, make decisions, and how they orient themselves to their environment. The result is the popular 4-letter personality type code that is based on Jungian Type Theory (16 Personality Types) and is used by organizations worldwide.

Personality type theory can help you understand why some situations are enjoyable and energizing, while others are uncomfortable and draining. Developed by Dr. Mark Majors, the Majors PTI™ is intended to help you in the process of self-understanding and continued personal and professional growth.

The Majors PTI™ is a shorter alternative to other Jungian Type instruments and is often more accurate. Unlike the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument, the PTI™ does not use a forced-choice format for item responses. Instead, the PTI™ uses levels of similarity to provide clarity of results and increased precision.

This course includes a live interactive session between the student and the instructor, Randy Marcoz, a certified Master Practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and other personality instruments such as the Majors PTI.

  • After registration, students will receive their own personal link to take the Majors PTI online. At Quick to Hear, I use the Breckenridge Institute to provide online assessments for our clients.
  • Once the student completes the assessment, the report will be forwarded to the instructor, who will set up a 30-minute online session with the student.
    • These sessions are individual sessions involving the instructor and a single student.
    • The student has the opportunity to get all his/her questions answered by a certified Master Practitioner.
    • The instructor will work out an action plan with the student to take advantage of his/her personality type.
  • The student will receive his/her Majors PTI personality report in PDF format at the end of the live session.

Why I use the Jungian type approach to personality?

I use Jung’s approach to personality type because I find it easy to understand and apply to communication. I have taught this approach to hundreds of students who have used it to improve their communication effectiveness.