Functional Skills Development Assessment

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The Function Skill Development Assessment™ (FSDA™) is a 40-item on-line survey that helps people assess their current mental skill level for how they take in information and make decisions (function skill development). After taking the FSDA™, people will finally see how well they currently use each of the eight psychological functions that constitute the foundation of psychological type theory as described by C.G. Jung and Isabel Myers.

The FSDA™ includes a personalized report that includes valuable information on Type Development theory. Type Development has been loosely defined as a process of becoming conscious of our mental processes. The FSDA™ report refines that definition so it is now a “measurable” process, and the report reviews both the underlying theory and the unique assessment methodology developed by Margaret and Gary Hartzler. The FSDA™ report provides a one page review for each function, and includes snapshots of the eight Jungian functions/processes in terms of five associated mental skills, each of which can be developed. This groundbreaking new approach provides a methodology for understanding our own mental skills (function skill development). A page is provided for the perceiving processes and another for the decision-making processes. A self-assessment is provided on each page to give clients a chance to reconfirm the FSDA™ results during the feedback process. Some further developmental choices are also provided.

This course includes a live interactive session between the student and the instructor, Randy Marcoz, a certified Master Practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and other personality instruments such as the Majors PTE.

  • After registration, students will receive their own personal link to take the Majors FSDA™ online. At Quick to Hear, I use the Breckenridge Institute to provide online assessments for our clients.
  • Once the student completes the assessment, the report will be forwarded to the instructor, who will set up a 30-minute online session with the student.
    • These sessions are individual sessions involving the instructor an a single student.
    • The student has the opportunity to get all his/her questions answered by a certified Master Practitioner.
    • The instructor will work out an action plan with the student to take advantage of his/her personality type.
  • The student will receive his/her Majors FSDA™ personality report in PDF format at the end of the the live session.