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Effective Communication (Intelligent Communication 3.0)

Intelligent Communication 3.0 is a simple yet effective approach to communication-based on the goals-based approach to communication that I developed from the processes I used as a career intelligence officer. It provides the basis for all Intelligent Communication training. Effective Communication includes twelve lessons divided into forty-two short topics, which are forty-two steps to becoming …

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Intelligent Personality-Intelligent Profiling

The Intelligent Communication Intelligent Personality-Intelligent Profiling Web Application provides insights into your own personality and communication preference. It is both a training course and a reference resource for effective communication in light of personality type. It includes a questionnaire to help you identify both your and others’ personality types. It also provides communication insights, stressors, …

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Intelligent Communication Email Course Certificate

Intelligent Communication Email Course is for those students who have completed the 10-lesson Intelligent Communication Email Course. If you haven’t yet taken the Intelligent Communication Email Course, you can register here. This course provides graduates of the Intelligent Communication Email Course with a preview of the Intelligent Communication learning management system (LMS). It also provides …

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The Majors PTI™

The Majors Personality Type Inventory™ (PTI™) is an instrument designed to help your clients learn valuable information about how they direct their energy, take in information, make decisions, and how they orient themselves to their environment. The result is the popular 4-letter personality type code that is based on Jungian Type Theory (16 Personality Types) …

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Having Hard Conversations

Learn how to have hard conversations with others. We will focus on having hard conversations with others, focusing on hard conversations in the workplace. We integrate the Intelligent Communication method into a proven approach to having hard conversations and achieving successful outcomes. All Intelligent Courses include 1 year of access.

Functional Skills Development Assessment

The Function Skill Development Assessment™ (FSDA™) is a 40-item on-line survey that helps people assess their current mental skill level for how they take in information and make decisions (function skill development). After taking the FSDA™, people will finally see how well they currently use each of the eight psychological functions that constitute the foundation …

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The Majors PT-Elements™

The Majors PT-Elements™ is an online personality assessment tool that is based on Jungian Type theory. Developed by Dr. Mark Majors, the Majors PT-Elements™ is a 127-items questionnaire that helps you or your clients learn valuable information about their psychological type (common 16 personality types). The Majors PT-Elements™ does not use a forced choice format …

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Intelligent Communication-Personality Assessment

Intelligent Personality Self Assessment is a mini-course developed from our larger course, Intelligent Personality. We developed this course to give students an introduction to the concepts of personality type and lead them through a self-assessment, as well as a formal assessment using the Majors Personality Type Inventory™ (PTI). People who understand their own personality preferences …

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