A Thought for Veterans Day

A post I originally wrote 6 years ago.

Today is Veterans Day and there are many various programs and goings-on to salute our nations’ veterans, including television programs and free meals offered by many restaurants around the country.  As a retiree from the US Army, I truly appreciate how so many people in this country reach out to thank and serve those of us who chose to serve our nation. I am particularly moved by the sentiment of many people to reach out and help veterans not only today, but all throughout the year.  It has not always been the case in our history and it speaks a great deal about the character and generosity those who participate in such activities.  

If I may, I would like to take the opportunity to turn the tables a little.  I would like to thank the citizens of the United States for the privilege I had to serve my country and all that I derived from my years of Army service.  My service helped me to grow up. It taught me how to be a leader. I learned skills that I still use today, both in my private and professional lives.  It provided me with opportunities to see the world. The citizens of my country helped me further my education, both while on active duty and afterward through the GI Bill.  I would not be the man I am today without the US Army and the support this country has provided me.

Thank you, America.  It was truly a privilege and honor to serve this country.  I hope the service I extended to this country was somehow sufficient to warrant the support I have received from you.  As a grateful nation continues to show its gratitude, particularly today, let me be a grateful soldier, who received so much.

 Grace and peace,


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