Create a Team of Effective Communicators

We are continuing the work to convert our seminar programs into online training courses.  Still, the best way to get our communication training for your organization is by scheduling an Intelligent Communication Course (ICC).  ICC has been our flagship course for many years.  Through this training programs many organizations have created teams of effective communicators that connect with others through compelling communication.

Intelligent Communication Course

ICC is a modular training program.  Clients select the specific training modules they want and we develop these modules into a course.  Further, we work with our clients to modify our training and practical exercises to meet their particular training objectives.  Generally, clients build their ICC from the following training modules.

  • Intelligent Communication and Smart Talk
  • Intelligent Rapport
  • Intelligent Influence and Persuasion
  • Intelligent Personality Profiling
  • Intelligent Narrative Analysis
  • Intelligence Elicitation and Counter-Elicitation
  • Intelligent Negotiations
  • Intelligence Questioning

In addition to selecting from the above training modules, clients can arrange to have additional practical exercises included in their training program.   The most popular practical exercises are our live elicitation practical exercises and our role-play negotiations practical exercises.  You can find additional information about ICC and these training modules by clicking here.

Where Is the Training Conducted?

We bring the training to you.  We have found that the best arrangement is to provide the training at a training venue near the client, but not necessarily at the client’s location.  This arrangement makes it easy to get students to the training, while avoiding distractions that occur when the training is provided at the client’s location.

We take care of finding and arranging for a training venue near you.   This way, all your team must do is show up for the training ready to learn and participate in the practical exercises.  We give your students multiple opportunities to begin applying Intelligent Communication techniques immediately.  This quickly reinforces what they are learning and begins to build good communication habits.

How Can I Get Intelligent Communication Training for My Team?

All our training programs are customized to your training needs.  So, the way to get started is to contact us and we will begin the process of developing an ICC specifically for your team.  Once we work out the details, we will provide you a formal proposal that will lay out your training program and provide a total cost.

Are you ready to transform your team into a group of professional communicators?  Do you want to use communication effectively to accomplish your goals in 2017?  Contact us now about scheduling your Intelligent Communication Course.  We have dates available, but these will be given out on a “first come first serve” basis.  You can click here to get more information about the Intelligent Communication Course and begin the process of requesting your course.


If you have questions about scheduling an ICC for your organization that are not answered on the Intelligent Communication Course information page, feel free to email me directly.  I look forward to working with you and your team.

Be swift to hear, slow to speak,


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